Wait list


We are so excited to announce Puppies are arriving soon our current wait list is long. First come first serve bases. Down payment will be accepted once you have been called to chose your pick of the litter. If you don't pick by 7 days you are moved to the back of the wait list or possible next litter. 

You can apply online for our financing option prior to your pick, I will accept the application in my end tell you have decide on your new furry friend. 

Due Dates and Litters are listed 

Stormi Blue & Luka French Bulldog 

Blue & blue and tan off spring 

Due July 23

Yoga & Doughboy French Bulldog 

Possible off spring 

Red Fawn, cream, fawn, blue 

Due July 24

Mini & Dinero French Bulldog

Possible off spring cream, blue Merle, tan points 

Due Aug 1

English Bulldogs 

Chocolate tan, blue, white & brindle, fawn 

July 22nd 

Address details:

1919 F.P Lucas
75181 Mesquite